3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning gives us the ability to capture an immense amount of data from surface points non-intrusively with lasers.  The data is then computed into large databases called “point clouds” where the data can then be viewed and analyzed in a 3D model.  


The Tyler Group utilizes 3D Laser Scanning technology because it is both the fastest and most accurate way to collect data in the modern world.   With less time in the field we save our clients both time and money; in addition, we have more data and information to share with our clients.  The Leica C10 Laser Scanner shoots up to 50,000 points per second yielding point clouds with over a billion points, with each point having its own XYZ coordinate.  


Within a 3D point cloud we have the ability to deliver a wealth of information to our clients, here are examples and ideas of how The Tyler Group can assist you:


  •          Architectural Surveys
  •          Structural Surveys
  •          Renovations & Retrofits
  •          3D Models & 2D Models with a click of a button
  •          Topographic surveys with immense detail
  •          Bridges, roads, tunnels, quarries and railways
  •          Detailed elevation surveys
  •          Heritage buildings and artifact archives
  •          More accurate estimates in bidding process
  •          Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  •          Measured building surveys
  •          As-built surveys for engineering and construction projects
  •          Volume surveys
  •          MEP surveys
  •          Monitoring land deformation
  •          Archaeological sites
  •          Accident investigation
  •          Planning and early design stages
  •          Pre, Mid, & Final Construction site surveys
  •          Post-construction scans for facility management
  •          The ability to access information of site from a remote location with precision


The best thing about The Tyler Group is our desire to work with our clients, our clients success is our success.  Call us with the scope of your project, and we will be glad to inform you with what we can do.  501-329-1400            

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