Greenbrier Wastewater Treatment Facility

Location: Greenbrier, Arkansas
Size: 8.83 Acres
Total Cost: 3 million
Tyler Group's Role: Survey, Engineering, Construction Management, Mechanical Equipment Installation, Bid Process, Start-Up
Engineer: Tyler Group

This municipal wastewater project is representative of the full-scale capabilities of The Tyler Group, Inc.  We were pleased to construct both a modern and efficient Wastewater Treatment plant for the city of Greenbrier, Arkansas that enables them to handle expansion for the future while leaving a cleaner footprint behind.  This plant opened in late 2014 and has been operating effectively since. 


Here is an outline of what The Tyler Group did for the city of Greenbrier throughout the planning and construction phases.


SURVEY/MAPPING = topographic & boundary surveys, mapped many manholes, surveyed and prepared property descriptions of land swaps/road easements/pipeline easements, layout of numerous points in critical locations both horizontally and vertically

ENGINEERING = initial project review, developed feasibility study comparing minor upgrades to existing system compared to construction of a new facility, presented the city multiple wastewater treatment processing options, site-design, overall system layout and control

AIDED BOND PROCESS = helped determine the best option between loans and government/private bonds

AIDED BID PROCESS = helped facilitate bid process by advertising and taking construction bids

LAND ACQUISITION = helped the city acquire the needed land 

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT = safety, managed all aspects of construction including basin construction, control builiding, staged construction material area, permitting

MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT INSTALLATION = Installed:  affluent bar screen, new affluent/influent pipe, diffuser system include blowers and pipe, decanter system, system control including MCC[Motor Control Center] & PLC[Programmable Logic Controller], [3] blowers 50HP adding dissolved oxygen

START-UP/INTIAL PERFORMANCE OF SYSTEM AND TRAINING = designated point person to be on-site/on-call for first 3 months during launch day and the initial three months, trained city employees on operations, maintenance, and quality control


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